Stop Kony 2012

Twitter and Tumblr are amazing sources. Last week I learned about Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army. I read that he had been kidnapping children in Uganda, while murdering their families, and building up an army of them in order to purify the country. Kony’s goal is transform Uganda to be ruled by theocracy, or Christianity. Kony has been wanted since 1986, and has regained popularity this year because of the campaign group called Invisible Children.

The documentary released by this group has obtained large-scale support and has raised awareness on the issue. But there are conflicted views on the issue and controversy stirring around the campaign group itself. Is Invisible Children really donating the money it receives to the children in need? Or is it being retained by the Ugandan government? 

The people who I’ve talked to seem to think that the campaign group is not completely dedicated to its objective of helping the children of Uganda. Many are saying that it is a form of propaganda and is only showing the negatives of the Ugandan situation.

Although there are already internet memes joking about the Kony situation, I love that my generation feels so strongly about this issue. I also admire how many people are able to look at this from an analytical perspective and not just accept what has been documented in the video.

Men with beards aren't more attractive to women, study suggests ›





Who participated in this study? I love beards. Literally, this morning I said to my friend “I like beards and science.”

I think I know some folks who might violently disagree.

Yes, violently.

Beardo no like LA Times.  Beardo think LA Times should be called LA Craps.  Beardo questions their judgement in this matter due to climate.  LA is desert.  Beardo hates desert.  Beardo has spoken.  (Maybe Beardo will start new tumblr called Beardo Times to show LA Times how it should be done.)

Whoa, whoa, whoa there. We’re just reporting a study.

More importantly — please start Beardo Times and show us how it’s done!

Jeep Spider.

Umberto Palermo Design Vittoria at the Qatar Motor Show 2012.

Gumbert Tornante by Touring at the Qatar Motor Show 2012

A Harley Davidson motorbike at the Qatar Motor Show 2012.

Michelin Tire guys at the Qatar Motor Show. 

At the Qatar Motor Show 2012.

With Age, Men May Lose Thinking Ability Faster Than Women ›


I post this with no comment. 

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Picky eaters could join ranks of mentally ill
Could picky eaters actually be suffering from a mental illness? That’s the prospect some are raising over a proposed addition to psychiatry’s official manual of mental illness.

“Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder,” or ARFID, is being recommended as a new eating disorder for the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5, an influential book used daily by doctors worldwide.

ARFID is being defined as an “eating or feeding disturbance” that includes avoiding foods of a particular taste, texture or colour.

The diagnosis is designed to capture children — as well as adults — with such peculiar and profound food preferences it’s causing significant weight loss or serious nutritional deficiencies.

But some observers worry the new disorder would inevitably add large numbers of people to the “swelling ranks” of the mentally ill.